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Steam Deck mod adds hot swappable accessories to handheld PC

A custom made Steam Deck attachment allows portable players to add hot swappable accessories to Valve's handheld gaming PC, including a kickstand and wall mount

Steam Deck mod with 3D printed kickstand attachment on back of handheld

A Steam Deck kickstand is now a thing, as a modder has created an accessory system that arms the handheld gaming PC with various attachments. Better still, its creator plans to make 3D printer files available to the public, something that will enable you to enhance the portable powerhouse’s physical functionality.

Designed by Sea_Minerals on Reddit, the Steam Deck accessory clips onto the back of the device using a claw-like mount. Once attached, you can hot-swap a variety of useful attachments, including the previously mentioned kickstand, a wall mount, and a generic puck that supports things like power banks and external SSDs.

The Steam Deck accessory’s creator also says it’s compatible with Valve’s included case, so you don’t need to remove the part when storing the portable PC. Naturally, the system’s design means it could support new attachments in the future, especially if the handheld hive mind comes up with new and innovative ways to use the mini machine.

Sea_Minerals says they’re considering making the Steam Deck accessory 3D files available on thingiverse, but might also sell completed prints on Etsy. The stand element of this project helps make the best Steam Deck dock options easier to use, and it’s sure to appeal to anyone that’s spent time with the Nintendo Switch.

Image credit: Sea_Minerals/Reddit