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More Steam Deck orders will ship ahead of schedule, says Valve

Those with Steam Deck orders previously slated for Q4 of this year may get their device ahead of schedule, as production outperforms Valve's estimates

A Steam Deck with a calendar emoji on its display, against a blue-white background

The backlog of Steam Deck orders is still pretty large, despite Valve’s continued efforts to fulfil the absolutely bonkers level of demand for its handheld gaming PC. However, it seems like the company’s work behind the scenes to improve the efficiency of its supply chain and production practices are now bearing fruit. In fact, you might want to check your inbox for a potential update on your reservation.

Don’t fret if you’re not one of the lucky few to have received a surprise Steam Deck order email, as Valve says that it’ll be moving more reservations up and shipping more devices ahead of schedule. This news comes via a tweet from Lawrence Yang, a UX designer at the company, who says that “production has outperformed are estimates” and teases further information and an official announcement is “coming soon.”

Yang advises anyone whose reservation was previously slated for “Q4” to double-check the status of their order by visiting the official Steam Deck store page, while logged in. They also want to remind everyone that should they miss the coveted email in their inbox, there’s a grace period that the company will honour.

This marks the second time that Valve has been able to get Steam Deck orders to customers sooner than previously anticipated, with the company only recently increasing the amount of emails it’s sending out per week.