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Steam Deck performance may fall in temperatures above 35°C warns Valve

Valve says that you may notice a decline in Steam Deck performance when using the handheld gaming PC in climates with high ambient temperatures

A Steam Deck, running Stardew Valley

Taking your Steam Deck outside and playing the best PC games in the sunshine is undeniably great, but it can come with some unexpected disadvantages when it comes to performance. In fact, Valve has warned that using the handheld gaming PC amidst high ambient temperatures can cause the device to thermal throttle and even shutdown in exceptional circumstances.

In light of record-breaking temperatures sweeping across the United Kingdom and European continent, Valve took the official Steam Deck Twitter account to clarify how the device performs when used in hot climates. The company says that its portable powerhouse performs best in ambient temperatures “between 0°C and 35°C”, and its custom AMD Zen 2 APU is rated to run up to 100°C.

However, should the Steam Deck’s internal temperatures reach as high as 105°C, it will automatically shut down. This is an entirely reasonable safety measure that Valve explains is so the device can “protect itself (and you) from damage”. The likelihood of you experiencing this, however, will depend on your climate and how hard you’re pushing the portable PC.

Until the weather cools off, the best thing you can do to keep your Steam Deck running at its best is to keep it out of direct sunlight where possible. Additionally, why not play some of the best indie games in your library to keep your device from working so hard?