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Steam Deck controls Star Wars droids now, at least in Galaxy’s Edge

The Steam Deck is capable of just not playing your Steam library of games on the go, but also controlling BD-1-based droids at Galaxy's Edge at Disney World.

Cal Kestis from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, holding a Steam Deck while looking at BD-1.

The Steam Deck and it’s capabilities of being not just a high-powered PC gaming handheld, but also a capable desktop PC, should never be understated. Whether it’s running some of the best PC games of the year on the go, or being an all-in-one emulation machine, there’s no end to what the device can accomplish. Now, it appears as though the Valve handheld is also capable of controlling real-life droids at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at the Disney World theme park.

The Steam Deck is one of the best PC gaming handhelds out there, and while rumors surrounding a possible refresh have been making the rounds, this latest discovery found at Disney World was not to be expected. The footage, taken at Galaxy’s Edge at Disney World, was uploaded onto Twitter (X) by YouTuber Disney Dan, known for covering anything and everything to do with Disney and its theme parks.

In the short clip, droids based on BD-1, everyone’s favorite robotic sidekick from the Star Wars Jedi game series, can be seen scampering around the theme park for the guest’s amusement. While the droids are impressive enough on their own, the short clip revealed that the cast members in charge of controlling them, were in fact doing so through the use of the Steam Deck.

The clip in question was later reposted by none other than Pierre-Loup Griffais of Valve itself, who was quick to notice the very handheld they work on, commenting, “I see a Steam Deck there at the end…”

Towards the end of the footage, if you focus clearly, you can see the Steam Deck sitting in the cast member’s hands, in order to control the animatronic droids. Photos of multiple Steam Decks being used by other cast members were later also uploaded onto the social media platform, where it was revealed they had all been customized to fit in with the role-playing Star Wars experience that Galaxy’s Edge offers.

While we don’t know what software and accessories the Disney cast members are using in order to control the droids, the idea that the Steam Deck can be utilized in this way is nonetheless an impressive accomplishment. While other competitors have entered the PC gaming handheld fray, with the likes of the ASUS ROG Ally, or the Lenovo Legion Go, this footage goes to show that the Steam Deck’s power should never be taken for granted.

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