Steam Deck update brings new features and fan noise fixes

A new fan curve, refresh rate customisation, and Remote Play Together functionality all make an appearance in this new Steam Deck update for Valve's gaming PC

Steam Deck update: Valve's handheld gaming PC, gripped by two hands, against a purple background

A new Steam Deck update has arrived from Valve, bringing SteamOS up to version 3.2 and introducing several new features to the handheld gaming PC. One addition that’s generating fanfare is a new fix for the device’s noisy fans.

This Steam Deck update introduces a new fan curve, which Valve says should “improve the experience in low usage scenarios,” while also “adjusting how the fan responds to different scenarios and temperatures.” However, anyone wanting to prioritise cooling performance over noise levels can select the old fan profile via a toggle in the system settings.

Another notable feature contained within this Steam Deck update is the ability to change in-game screen refresh rate within a 40-60Hz range, on a per-game basis. Valve says that it should help users find “that perfect balance between frame rate, game quality, and battery life,” with the manufacturer recommending 40Hz as a “sweet spot for responsiveness, consistency, and smoothness.”

While not part of the SteamOS 3.2 update, Remote Play Together is now finally completely functional on the Steam Deck. This should make it easier to play with your chums remotely when a game doesn’t natively support online multiplayer.

Every new feature and change in this Steam Deck update can be found here, including various bug fixes and quality of life improvements.