Steam Halloween Sales kicks off on October 30th according to leaked dev post | PCGamesN

Steam Halloween Sales kicks off on October 30th according to leaked dev post

Steam Halloween Sale

A leaked post to developers from Valve has revealed the start date of this year’s Halloween Sale. The sale is scheduled on Halloween weekend, between October 30th and November 3rd, naturally. Any games that “fit into the general Halloween theme” can participate, including those with the appropriate themed tags.

The leaked post, courtesy of reddit user ToraxXx, mentions the upcoming sale in a post to developers on Steam. “We’re excited to announce the 2014 Halloween Sale, Which will run during the Halloween weekend from Thursday October 30th at 10am Pacific until Monday, November 3rd at 10am Pacific.” stated the post.

“We’re inviting any games that fit into the general Halloween theme to participate. If you’re not sure if your game fits that theme, look at how customers have tagged your product. Likely good fits are horror, zombies, ghosts, vampires survival horror, dark and so on.”

Before you guys start to tagging up Secret of the Magical Crystals as the above, Valve have that covered. “Products that are clearly not a good fit for the Halloween Sale will not be featured.”

What do you hope to see in the sale?

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unwanted avatarNick Wilson avatarRavenHawk avatarLuluFinch avatarBelimawr avatarBigMik1 avatar+1
unwanted Avatar
3 Years ago

I think I have nothing to worry about with this sale. No game I want is Halloween themed so my wallet is okay.

Nick Wilson Avatar
3 Years ago

Famous last words ;)

Jezcentral Avatar
3 Years ago

Amen to that. I just haven't seen any games interest me for the last couple of sales. (I bought the ones I wanted at launch). Of course, I look at my account and see I still spent triple figures during said sales.

RavenHawk Avatar
3 Years ago

I'm leaning in the same direction this time around.

Then again I felt similarly when the summer sale rolled around and yet still managed to spend quite a bit on it.

Belimawr Avatar
3 Years ago

I've bought pretty much nothing the last few sales, most of their sale prices are only the same as amazon and other places have been selling it for as a normal price, it's been this way ever since steam started using the £ their prices are just massively over inflated and nearly always more expensive than physical alternatives.

LuluFinch Avatar
3 Years ago

Nice, I have things to do rather than playing Rush of Rune

BigMik1 Avatar
3 Years ago

Wallet safe on this one! Bring on the Holiday Sale!!