Steam Lunar New Year Sale arrives with cheap games, no ARG, no mini-game

Steam Lunar Sale

Aiming for what seems like one massive sale a month, Steam’s got another big front-page takeover sale going, though this one comes without an ARG or mini-game, nor a comic to keep us all entertained. The Lunar New Year Sale’s only addition to some pretty pictures on the front page and the usual rounds of big percentages off is a choose your own adventure story through Steam tags.

Maybe pick up a few of the best PC games ever while they’re cheap?

While there’s no benefit to doing it, there is some really nice art on the way, including the above for shooters. You can start it by going to the store-front and scrolling about half-way down, where it will ask you to choose between two different tags. My favourite was dragons, naturally. Chances are you already have the best games from your favourite genres, but you may discover something, or be more interested in all the different pictures rather than picking what you actually like.

Alternatively, those kind Reddit souls at r/thegamedetectives have already compiled all the header and footer images into two imgur albums. While a few characters and other aesthetics have made a return from the Christmas ARG, there doesn’t seem to be any purpose to them beyond frustrating the truly obsessed.

Dragon Games

As for games themselves, get Undertale if you’ve somehow avoided it until now. A fiver for something truly unique, even if it ends up rubbing you the wrong way. While the most recent Homeworld isn’t on there, the remastered collection is two of the most entertaining space strategy games ever made at 50% off. It isn’t part of the sale but Firewatch is still on its pre-release sale and our review will be up at 6pm.

Let us know what you grabbed below, or if there’s any games you’d particularly recommend while they’re on budget.