Steam Recently Updated section lets you keep on top of changes to your games

Steam Valve

Last year Valve changed the Steam news tab to show only game releases and updates to Valve games. Overnight users lost a place to see what changes developers were making to their games. With the new Recently Updated section in the Steam client, we’ve got access to that information again.

“Designed to give developers more ways to communicate with gamers about their products on Steam,” write Valve, “this public release was matched with a tools release that lets developers elect when to add their update to this product area and what to say about the contents of their latest update.”

“The more options developers have for communicating about their products, the better it is for everyone,” says Tom Bui of Valve. “With this new product section and corresponding developer tools, customers can more easily discover products that provide ongoing value and involvement from the developers.”

It’s easy to set the new section to show all game updates or to show only the updates to games you own. This will be a great new feature for games in the Early Access program, as their developers can be pushing out new updates every week.

You can see the new page over on the Steam website.

Cheers, Eurogamer.