Steam Sale day 2: the best games, the best deals


Hmm. Hrrrm. Hrrrmmrrrmmrmrmr. The second set of Steam Deals has just landed and, frankly, it’s a mixed bag. A mixed bag of things you probably don’t want or need. But: for posterity and entertainment, here’s our pick of today’s Steam sale. Let us know if you do pull the trigger on anything in the comments.

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Max Payne 3 – £14.99 (-50%)

TE: It’s pretty good I think – I do like it, but it’s brutally hard and unfair in places. But it looks utterly gorgeous, and you’re not going to regret playing it. The multiplayer is tosh though.

SH: There’s something deeply, darkly satisfying about Max Payne 3’s stylishly gruesome headshots. It won’t surprise you much, and it’s ball-crushingly difficult at times, but it’s definitely worth £14.99.

Anno 2070 – £14.99 (-50%)

TE: It’s a pretty city building sim set in the near-ish future. I’d stick with SimCity 4, frankly. And the DRM’s a complete pain in the balls: you’re stuck to a three activation limit, unless you ask Ubisoft for permission to install it on more.

Space Marine – £4.99 (-75%)

SH: A mega-discount for a generally overlooked third person shooter. Space Marine’s got some wonderful set-pieces and an unashamed focus on action and great big explosions. Rein in your expectations and there’s a lot of fun to be had here.

PC: I never thought I would ever say this, there might be too many orks. The waaaaargh is a bit too strong.

Tribes Ascend Starter Pack (-75%)

TE: It’s the only real place competitive gamers can go if they want to play a shooter right now: Tribes is taught, fast, and thrilling. It’s free-to-play though, so why not download it now and have a play – then decide whether you want the bundle.

PC: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I’m skiing.

From Dust – £2.99 (-75%)

SH: From Dust is one of those God games with fascinating core ideas but sadly disappointing execution. £2.99 makes it pure sales fodder though, it’s sandbox world manipulation will hold your interest long enough to justify a discounted purchase.

Payday: The Heist – £3.74 (-75% )

TE: It’s a bank robber version of Left 4 Dead, but with the police replaced by zombies. It’s very, very clunky in places though. Be aware that you’ll be playing it online unless you can find four friends – the single player is a bit pointless. Also; policemen make for crap zombies.

The Binding of Isaac – 99p (-75%)

SH: Edmund McMillen’s sinister twin-stick shooter has you playing a crying, naked boy on a quest to escape his own insane, murderous mother. It’s biblically dark and punishingly difficult – like a horrifying version of Smash TV.

TE: Would you pay 99p for it then?

SH: Yes.

PC: So good. Spelunky as a schmup, and five times as sadistic, twisted, and visually creative. Make friends with flies, wear bras on your head, graft the unborn feotus of your brother onto your head.

Sonic Generations – £6.79 (-66%)
TE: It’s kind of a tribute to the various eras of Sonic games; with 2D and 3D levels. A pretty good discount, but I’d have gone for Rayman: Legends which is a does more than just trade on nostalgia.

Indie Bundle Day II – £6.99 (-75%)

TE: Universe Sandbox lets you turn the Sun into a giant bowling ball. Which is nice. I haven’t played any of the others. It’s at times like these you wish Phill wasn’t off playing Dota.

SH: Yeah, Phill, if you could come back and explain what a Divine Cybermancy is and why we should spend £1.99 on one, that would be really helpful.

PC: It’s ok guys, we won! Brewmaster is the best drunk panda of them all.

Botanicula is an absolutely charming and gorgeous adventure game from the Machinarium and Samarost guys, although more adventure than puzzle. Oil Rush is a novel take on the Tower Defense/Galcon Fusion type game, and very pretty. Splice is a great little puzzle game, although if you’re not a rubix cube kind of puzzle fan, stay clear. E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy is… odd. It’s Deus Ex crossed with Space Marine with a touch of Cybermancer thrown in there, and you should probably give the demo a go if that’s the one that’s going to push you in there.

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