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Steam Summer Sale day 1: all today’s deals

Steam Summer Sale 2015

Update: We’ve edited today’s sale list to reflect how misleading the GTA sale is.

The Steam Summer Sale 2015 is finally here. Starting June 11th and going on until June 20th, we’ll be seeing the familiar set-up of big daily discounts and short-term Flash Deals. This year there’s also a cute little mini game about bashing monsters that you can play on the Steam homepage to help unlock new deals the following day. 

We’re always on hand to help you find the best deals, so lets have a butchers at what’s on offer today. 

Day One – June 11th

Metro Franchise

The gritty dark dystopia of Russia’s population hiding in the underground Metro tunnels after nuclear devastation is a captivating world you’ll want to experience. The redux editions of 2033 and Last Light are both on offer at 75% off, or you can buy both in a bundle at 80% off. £6.79 for both games is a steal.

Homeworld Remastered

The beautiful remaster of RTS legend Homeworld is available at 60% off, at £10.79 / $13.99

X-Plane 10

Fly massive planes in simulated glory for half the price you normally would! 50% off makes X-Plane 10 £22.49 / $29.99.

Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria Chronicles

It took its time getting from PS3 land to the PC, but this alternate reality variant of WW2 is a turn-based strategy you shouldn’t miss out on. The anime style has its charms, and at £3.74 / $4.99 it’s a genuine steal.

Tales from the Boarderlands

Telltale’s current episodic game is a real hoot, boasting the funniest and arguably smartest script the studio has ever put out. A Borderlands game without first person shooting sounds odd, but it’s certainly the best game set on Pandora out there. £9.49 / $12.49 gets you the full season pass.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

Our Jules found it lacking compared to the first game, but if you love Hotline Miami and haven’t got around to trying its sequel, this offer may be the temptation you require. £8.04 / $10.04 isn’t a bad price, but not quite a violent steal.

Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve! If you’re kitchen cupboards are looking low on stock, go and buy food. But don’t worry, with Klei’s fantastic survival game going for just £2.74 / $3.74, you can still afford to game.

Farming Simulator 15

Harvest crops at a third off with this year’s Farming Simulator. You can even compete with a friend for the title of Best Farmer Ever thanks to a compelling multiplayer element. £16.74 / $20.09 lets you take the keys to that combine harvester.

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

The disturbing roguelike can provide you with hours of nightmares at half the price this Steam Summer Sale, at £5.49 / £7.49.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

Anime fans can grab the PC version of Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution at just the third of the price that it would normally go for. This is a good chunk of Naruto for £13.59 / $16.99.

XCOM Franchise

The simply excellent XCOM franchise is going for massively less than it’s worth. All the classics are on at -50%, but your best bet is to opt for the modern XCOM with all the trimmings for £4.99. This includes the expansion pack with challenging new enemy types, as well as the DLC.

Sniper Elite Franchise

If blasting things in slow-motion and seeing bones break and organs burst is your thing, Sniper Elite is for you. The latest game – Sniper Elite 3 – is available at -70% for £11.99, and has a solid campaign for both solo and co-op fun. Those looking for something a little grimmer could opt for the cheesy zombie thrills of the Nazi Zombie Army games.

Grand Theft Auto Franchise (UPDATED)

So, this is one hell of a misleading deal. If you click on it from the front page, you can see that GTA V is 25 percent off. That’s a load of bollocks, though, because it’s £38.98. It looks like Rockstar jacked up the regular price to £51.98 before the sale. You can forget all of that, however, because when you click on it, you’ll see that the base game isn’t on sale at all! Instead, it’s at the regular, pre-sale price of £39.99. What has been discounted, instead, is GTA V with a Great White Shark Card, netting you more of GTA Online’s in-game currency. That’s 25 percent off, and costs £38.98. So you’re essentially getting free fake money and £1.01 off the regular game. It’s not a great deal, and it’s certainly not 25 percent off GTA V. Trust no one!

Early Access Games



You can drive yourself silly with this demolition derby-like racer for half pirce, at £11.49 / $14.99.

Darkest Dungeon

Entrance fees at the Darkest Dungeon are now slashed by a quarter, making tickets just £11.24 / $14.99 for this indie 2D turn-based RPG.

Flash Sales

Available for the next 12 hours are

  • Styx: Master of Shadows -60% (£9.99 / $11.99)
  • Outlast -80% (£2.99 / $3.99)
  • Darksiders Franchise -80% (£9.99 / $11.99)
  • The Darkness 2 -80% (£3.99 / $5.99)
  • Carpe Fulgur Collection -55% (£14.61 / $22.48)
  • Viscera Cleanup Detail -33% (£4.68 / $6.69)
  • Black Mesa -15% (£12.74 / $16.99)
  • Ziggurat -70% (£3.29 / $4.49)
  • Papers, Please -50% (£3.49 / $4.99)
  • Mirror’s Edge – 50% (£4.99 / $9.99)
  • Fez -80% (£1.39 / $1.99)
  • Pandora -67% (£7.58 / $9.89)
  • Might & Magic Franchise -40-75%
  • Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty -40% (£8.99 / $11.99)
  • F1 2014 -50% (£9.99 / $14.99)