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Steam Summer Sale day 6: the best deals

Steam Summer Sale 2015 day 6

As we approach a full week of sale goodness, the Steam machine has loaded in a new set of discount protocols. For your perusal today is big cuts on the Final Fantasy franchise, the Total War games, Racing MMO (CarPG?) The Crew, and Elite: Dangerous among others. 

But what do we think you should stump up for? Here’s our best deals from day 6. 

Daily Deals

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

Regardless of what edition this is, Sleeping Dogs is marvellous. A GTA-like crime sandbox, it transports the carjacking action from familiar USA locations to Hong Kong. Not only does this add a very different flavour to the look of the game, but Sleeping Dogs embraces eastern crime cinema with a massive bear hug. Martial arts close combat is how most encounters with gangs go down, and a great variety of contextual moves and fun combos make Sleeping Dogs a vicious, bone-crunching romp through the city’s criminal underworld.

At £4.99/$7.49, this is absolutely one of the best deals of the day. The Definitive Edition has fancier graphics and a bit of extra content, which is just an added bonus.

Total War: Shogun 2

Of the last decade of Total War, Shogun 2 has been up there with the best of Creative Assembly’s long history with epic war games. Delicately balancing war, trade, expansion, and diplomacy, Shogun 2 feels as well crafted as a samurai blade. Of all the Total War games on offer today, Shogun 2 is the best buy at £12.49/$14.99. It’s the best balance of game quality to money value of the entire franchise.

The Talos Principle

A confident, cerebral adventure through interesting environments is the core of The Talos Principle. Created Serious Sam developer Croteam, it’s as far away from that ballistic madness as you could get. Written by FTL’s scribe, it is instead exceptionally smart and filled with a variety of intensely clever puzzles. Well received for both its smarts in design and narrative, at £10.19/$13.59 it’s the smart person’s buy today.

Flash Sales

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut

If you’ve been living without the world of Human Revolution in your life, then this needs fixing, stat. And at only £2.59/$3.99 for the next 12hrs, you can’t afford to ignore. A phenomenal FPS RPG, you’ll dive into the moral implications of allowing science to run riot in a world where any lab monkey can create what they please. Experiment on yourself with robotic limbs to make punching bad chaps in the face even easier, or opt for pheromone implants that allow you to exploit your foes in conversation. It’s also the ultimate in various approach fantasies, with stealth, action, or hacking options available for practically every situation.


Spelunky is a favourite of practically every PC gamer I know, and it’s not hard to understand. The simplicity of its cave-exploration platforming makes it easy to pick up, but a tough-as-nails difficulty curve means mastering the game is an art, and an art you’ll want to conquer. Best played in co-op to make the most of its fun factor. It’s going for just £2.39/$2.99.

Grow Home

Ubisoft Reflections’ little experimental game from the stable that allowed Child of Light and Valiant Hearts to be made, Grow Home is about a robot climbing a beanstalk. If this doesn’t have you scrabbling for your wallet, then the beautiful alien vistas will. Growing plants has never been this fun, and you could probably tell people you’ve been dabbling in gardening after playing, too. At just £2.99/$3.99, it’s a recent game at quite the bargain.