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Steam Summer Sale day 8: the best deals

Steam Summer Sale day 8

It’s day eight of the Steam Summer Sale, which means you might have already exhausted your supply of money found down the back of the sofa, but if you do still have some left, then read on for some recommendations approved by the board of experts that live in my head.

Daily Deals

Anno 2070

Today’s Daily Deals aren’t all that exciting (if sales could ever be considered exciting), but I’d recommend Anno 2070 even if the competition was steeper. It gets rid of the well-trodden historical setting of the economic and management sim, flinging players into a post-ecological disaster future.

At its core, it’s still still about levelling up citizens and creating production chains, but the sci-fi backdrop mixes things up dramatically, with underwater construction and different ideological factions from the world of tomorrow. You can snatch it up for 75 percent off (£4.99/$7.49).

Age of Wonders III

You can get all the Age of Wonders games in a discounted collection, but if you only want to grab one, it should be Age of Wonders III. It’s a 4X fantasy game with tactical, turn-based combat. Though the empire management aspect is a bit shallow (though expansions improve it), the tactical combat is a delight.

Instead of a fairly plain hex grid, the grid is this expansive, detailed battlefield with cover, obstacles and cities waiting to be besieged. It takes bits and pieces from the original Age of Wonders, XCOM and even Total War, making it one of the most interesting battle systems in a 4X title. The expansions are also on sale with a 33 percent discount, while the core game is 75 percent off (£7.49/$9.99)

Flash Sales


You’d need to be a victim of space madness to not own FTL by now, and you’re beyond saving if you don’t pick it up when it’s cheaper than a sandwich. It’s a wonderfully inventive space roguelike, where you’re being chased throughout the galaxy; a galaxy peppered with intelligent life, neutral ships, traders, people in distress and villains waiting to strike. It can be bastard hard, but it’s ultimately rewarding.

A free expansion was released a while ago that added a bunch of new encounters, some very handy ship modules (mind control is a favourite of mine) and another alien race. If you buy FTL, you’ll automatically get the upgraded version. It’s 75 percent off (£1.74/$2.49).

Titan Souls

A beautiful action-puzzler that’s evocative of a diverse list of games including Shadow of the Colossus, Dark Souls and Zelda – what’s not to love? Perhaps the brutal difficulty, but overcoming that is the central puzzle. Amid the pretty pixels is this constantly throbbing tension, with each Titan representing what at first seem like insurmountable challenges.

Titan Souls has been knocked down by 40 percent (£6.59/$8.99).

Alright, that’s your lot for another day.