The Steam Summer Sale’s secret story


If you’ve been focusing on the actual games being featured in the Steam Summer Sale, or if you simply haven’t maximised your Steam window in a while, you might’ve missed the mini-drama that’s been playing out on the store page’s background image. It’s an adorable and beautifully understated comic, in which Valve’s community mascots Tappet and Sir Roderick Bodkin are building a treehouse. But a jealous Cyl is attempting to sabotage their efforts – the devious black cat is currently constructing something inside Fort Friendship. But what’s he building in there?

UPDATE: It was an awesome LAN party treehouse for his friends, the full story of Fort Friendship can now be viewed below!

This year’s Summer Sale is all about community spirit, given the recent launch of Steam Badgesand the badge that’s now being rewarded for participation in the sale itself. This tale of the construction of Fort Friendship appears toreflect that, though to what extent mischievous troll cat Cyl can derail the work of Tapper and Sir Roderick Bodkin remains to be seen. More wishful thinkers are hoping this leads to an update or full game reveal, which is probably silly. Probably?We’ll find out more at 6pm tonight. For now, here’s the story so far intercut with wild speculation from Reddit users. You can find full-resolution images, perfect for desktop backgrounds, on the Steam Summer Camp community group.

Update: With the sale coming to an end, so too has the saga of Fort Friendship. The entire story can now be viewed below. Woo!

“Hey everyone it is clearly visible in the first 4 photos in the center of the tree it looks like a giant 3!!” – coppytop99
“HALF LIFE 3 75% OFF” – SleepyFingers
They’re working on hat support for left 4 dead 2. – aarontg
“What if they’re forging a crowbar? :O” – realwords
“Opposing Force 2?!” – damnshoes
“Does anyone one see Gordon in the side of the tree” – TheeLemon
“Shutup about this stupid tree.” – sashimi_taco
“The angsty black one is my favourite because he’s constantly such a c**t.” – alphawr
“Brace yourselves for Half Life: Tree.” – superpastaaisle
“They’re playing HL3. Co-op mode confirmed.” – hockeygoalie5

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