Steam Tile App fills out your Windows 8 mosaic with your game library


Making use of Windows 8’s mosaic home screen, a newly released Steam app presents all your games up on a platter for your gaming delight. It’s akin to Steam’s big picture mode but shows off far more of your game library – likely as a way to ingratiate itself with touchscreen users. It also allows you to view your achievement progress and time spent in-game, Nifty.

The Steam Tile App lets you pin your games to the Windows 8 Start menu, carrying over some of the meta data attached to the game also – like how many hours you’ve spent in game.

More usefully, the app has your Steam library begin to appear in Windows search results, even if you haven’t pinned the game to the menu.

No, this is not a groundbreaking app but, yes, it makes things a little bit easier.

You can pick it up here.