Steam Workshop coming to Left 4 Dead 2 next month; will feature maps, weapons, items and Mutations


Left 4 Dead 2 will be the fourth Valve game to become fully-integrated with Steam Workshop, the community-created content service. From mid-October, you can mainline maps and mods with a single click on PC, Mac and Linux.

Valve plan to use Left 4 Dead’s Workshop as testing ground for an as-yet-unrevealed experiment, which will reportedly “allow content to appear in the L4D2 world even more seamlessly based on the community’s response”.

The Workshop will feature the menagerie of maps, weapons and items you would expect, in addition to a new style of Mutations. These will be enabled by an expanded scripting tool, and allow for “deeper and more varied experiences” in-game.

Their bombs dropped, Valve return to their natural schtum state. But there are more details promised in the coming weeks.