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Steam Workshop item creators can now share profits with toolmakers and communities


Valve have announced that creators of items for the Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2 workshops can now allocate a percentage of their revenue made through in-game sales to the people who aided the creation of the item. 

“Creating high quality content for games is rarely a solo endeavor. Along the way, item creators often make use of specialized tools and receive help, guidance, and feedback from various communities and individuals,” says a post on the Steam Community page by Interaction Designer Alden Kroll. “We’ve heard from a number of item creators that are looking for a formal way of recognizing and rewarding the toolmakers and service providers that have helped them. Now they can!”

If you create an item for the Workshop, starting today when you submit an item for sale, you can now select from a list of companies, organisations, or individuals to receive a percentage of revenue from your item’s sales. Think of the Humble Bundle crank that divides your money into donations for charity, developers and the Humble company, and you’re on the right track.

The contribution will be made from a set percentage that is redirected from Valve to the toolmakers, not taken from the item creator’s royalty.