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The first Steam Labs update in a year adds “new ways to browse every niche of Steam”

Valve just launched the first new Steam Labs experiment in a year

The experimental new Steam Store Hubs

Valve’s Steam Labs effort brings new ways to browse the mountains of games available on the platform, generally introduced with beta rollouts known as ‘experiments’. After a quiet 12 months, lucky experiment number 13 has landed, introducing Store Hubs with “new ways to browse every niche of Steam“.

Store Hubs essentially serve as a gentle revamp for all of Steam’s genre and tag pages. Once you’ve opted into the experiment, all such pages will now have a recommendation carousel at the top, highlighting a number of games based on what you’ve played in the past and what your friends and followed curators are recommending. The games are highlighted with relevant tags and release info, plus a few seconds of footage from a highly compressed trailer.

The revamped store pages also highlight new and upcoming events, push forward games you’ve wishlisted, and are more likely to present you with personalised recommendations. The newer, more robust sorting tools are also available here, letting you narrow down your niche even further.

These features will eventually just become part of Steam – assuming, of course, that users like them. Valve’s Steam Labs experiments have been fairly quiet lately, as the last one was introduced back in December 2020, bringing additional features for browsing sales. Hopefully all this means that finding new PC games will be a bit easier.

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