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Steel Division: Normandy 44 gets its first paid DLC in September, and free content throughout 2017

steel division normandy 44 second wave

Paradox have detailed the first paid bit of DLC for Steel Division: Normandy 44, and announced their plans to support the game with free content throughout the rest of the year. The Second Wave DLC will feature new units, new divisions, and a new ace when it releases on September 21.

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Those units include the M18 Hellcat tank destroyer, the Wildcat V fighter, the Panzer IC tank, and the NAG 4500 FlaK truck. I need a moment to breathe after all this military tech porn. The new ace is Lt. Col. Creighton W. Abrams, who rides into battle aboard a Thunderbolt M4 command tank. There are four new divisions, including the 4th Armored Division (US), 1st Special Service Brigade (UK), 9. Panzer (DE), and 16. Luftwaffen (DE). That all comes at a price of $7.99 / £5.59 / €7.99.

The free content hasn’t been fully detailed yet, but the basic outline includes a new game mode, a pack containing two new ace models, a pack featuring four new units, and a co-op mission pack with two missions and a delightfully vague promise of “new stuff.” These updates are all planned for release in 2017, but the developers are leaving themselves some room to possibly squeeze a bit out into early 2018.