Historically-accurate RTS Steel Division: Normandy 44 is out now

Steel Division: Normandy 44

Update May 23, 2017: Steel Division: Normandy 44 has finally rolled out on PC, allowing us all to micromanage vast conflict across WW2. 

In the game, you’ll take control of battle groups of infantry and vehicles, using them to outmanoeuvre, overpower, and out-think your foes, as you can see in the fancy new launch trailer above. 

War. What is it good for? Making up our list of the best war games, for one thing. 

The game will let you take control of six different countries and their legendary combat divisions, from the American 101st Airborne to the German Armoured 21st Panzer division.

From this selection, there are over 400 distinct units to lead into battle and tactically deploy against your enemies. Every unit in the game is historically accurate.

You can get Steel Division: Normandy 44 on Steam now for $39.99.

Original Story May 4, 2017: Paradox Interactive and Eugen Systems have announced the release date for Steel Division: Normandy 44, an RTS so focused on the details that the even the map is created from aerial scans of Normandy. Steel Division will rumble through the fields on May 23, so it’s just over a month until you can command your authentically-recreated forces.

If you like the look of the new trailer above, you can even pre-order the game from today, for $39.99. If you decide to commit now, you get access to some exclusive in-game content, as well as immediate access to the beta. The beta will roll from now until launch, so you’ll be ready to crush your enemies once the game releases.

There’s also a Deluxe Edition if you’re feeling flush. That’ll set you back $59.99 and will include the following:

  • A Digital Art Book offering a look at the art and creation behind the game
  • The Tactical Guide and Battle Log featuring tactics, terrain tips, and major maps of the game
  • Six Additional In-game Historical Aces to add cosmetic variety to your divisions.
  • Deluxe Avatar and Icon for the Paradox Forums
  • Unique Ringtones and Text Message Alert Sounds for your mobile devices
  • Desktop Wallpapers from the Steel Division art team
  • Custom Streaming Overlays designed for content creators on Twitch and YouTube