Steep has snuck out onto the mountain for winter, here’s the launch trailer

Steep open world

Snowed under a heavy avalanche of other games coming out, Ubisoft’s surprising open-world winter sports game Steep has furtively arrived to raise your pulse.

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The launch trailer shows off many of the ways you can enjoy the frigid, hazardous outdoors from the cosy safety of your own home by skiing, snowboarding, paragliding or squirrel-suiting your way down mountains.

Free to roam where you want on the French Alps or Alaskan ranges in the game, you can ride about with other people, whooping and corkscrewing to your heart’s content.

You can buy from Ubisoft or the Steam store, and it’s looking like £39.99 or $59.99 but you can get 20% off if you have 100 Ubi Points lying around in your uPlay account? There’s also a season pass, obviously, as a winter sports game is probably the only genre where that terminology makes any sense.

Anyway, have a look at the game below. It’s a pretty fun playground if you didn’t get a chance to play the beta, and if the complete dearth of snow games on PC annoys you this should be enough to sate you.