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New Stellaris game finally has an early access release date

The new Stellaris game, Stellaris Nexus, has an early access launch date, as Paradox prepares a new chapter in its space-based strategy sim.

Stellaris Nexus release date: A space adventurer from Paradox strategy game Stellaris Nexus

The new Stellaris game, Stellaris Nexus, is a little different to what we’ve seen before. With Crusader Kings 3, Cities Skylines 2, and of course Stellaris itself, Paradox has mastered the grand-scale, sweeping strategy sim designed to last for hours. There’s nothing like losing yourself in the meticulous tactics and intricate head canon of a long-running campaign, but let’s be real – you don’t always have the time. What if you want the thrill of Stellaris, but compacted into 60 minutes? How about a full round of multiplayer, but short enough you can squeeze it in before work? This is Stellaris Nexus, and it’s finally got a confirmed early access release date.

A new strategy game set within the Stellaris universe, Stellaris Nexus takes the boundless depth, design, and possibility of its large-scale namesake and consolidates it into something you can play on your lunch break. Choose from different factions, compete against five friends in multiplayer, form alliances, fight battles, wrestle with diplomacy – it’s all here, but distilled into a shorter strategy experience that captures the Stellaris spirit without the epic runtime.

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You start in your home system, and the objective is to be the first civilization to capture the galactic Throneworld, also known as the eponymous Nexus. You can go all guns with open warfare, or machinate from the shadows via the Galactic Council and bureaucratic double dealings. A multiplayer experience that serves as both an expansion and companion to Stellaris proper, Stellaris Nexus is coming to you soon.

The Stellaris Nexus early access release date is Tuesday December 5. There’s no word on a full 1.0 launch, but if you love the main game and want to keep the experience rolling on a smaller scale, Nexus is perfect for you.

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