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One of the best strategy games ever is heavily discounted right now

Stellaris, a science fiction strategy game from the creators of Hearts of Iron 4 and Crusader Kings 3, is on a steep Steam discount.

Stellaris is heavily discounted on Steam right now: A blue alien man with pointed ears, from Stellaris.

Paradox Interactive is responsible for some of the best strategy games ever made. Over the decades, the publisher has put out or created beloved entries to the genre ranging from Crusaders Kings 3 and Victoria 3 to Europa Universalis 4 and Hearts of Iron 4. Back in 2016, it also put out Stellaris, a science fiction take on 4X games that saw Paradox shift its focus from placing its work in historical settings and move into the realm of science fiction. That experiment paid off, and you can check out the results for yourself right now by picking up a copy of Stellaris on Steam for a sizable discount.

Stellaris is one of the best space games out there, as well as one of our top games to check out in the 4X strategy genre. This is partially due to the fact that Paradox has continued to support its work long past its initial launch, updating the game and putting out huge expansions like the recent The Machine Age over what’s getting close to a decade.

Aside from these additions, Stellaris’ premise — travelling throughout a procedurally generated galaxy, discovering new technologies and meeting a nearly endless number of imaginative alien species, entering into diplomacy and sci fi wars with the population of outer space — makes it one of the more singular spins on strategy games to date.

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Stellaris is discounted by 70% until May 20 on Steam, making it $11.99 USD / £10.49. Grab a copy right here.

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