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Stellaris: Leviathans DLC features detailed

Stellaris Leviathans

Paradox Interactive have released a new video in which Martin Anward, game director for spacefaring strategy epic Stellaris, discusses the new features to be found in the forthcoming Leviathans story pack. Leviathans will release on October 20, and cost £7.49 UK or $9.99 US.

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Leviathans aims to make Stellaris’s mid-game more varied and substantial by adding new content for the player to discover.

Guardians are powerful space creatures which protect great treasures or technologies. Some are actively hostile, while others are open to dialogue, though all are easily prickled. These look like the titular “Leviathans” of the expansion, and the trailer shows a number of cool alien designs.

Enclaves are space stations which house alien NPCs of three different types. Traders can help you exchange resources and – if they like you – may sell you rare ones; artists can uplift your people with great works of art, or by throwing festivals; while curators deal in information, and can sell you secrets concerning technologies, star systems or how to defeat a particular Guardian.

Finally, there’s the War in Heaven, a huge conflict that starts in the mid-game and engulfs the galaxy, as two ancient empires awake and go to war. All the galaxy’s residents, including the player, are forced to make difficult choices about whether to side with one of the belligerents, attempt to stay neutral, or even forge a third alliance.

The Leviathans story pack is available to pre-order now from the Stellaris website.