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Stellaris patch tackles orbital bombardment, ship dressing and desktop crashes


When our Fraser reviewed Stellaris, he said it was a great strategy game likely to be made better by Paradox’s prolific DLC habit. Here’s the very beginning of that process: a hotfix released this morning that addresses some of Stellaris’ technical shortcomings in combat and resource-gathering.

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The update tackles some bugs that have been difficult to ignore for those who’ve encountered them: a crash to desktop caused by ‘invalid’ armies in ground combat; a ‘help’ shortcut button that covered up the command to hold fleets; performance problems caused by too many resource stations. What’s more, some players were struggling to carry out orbital bombardments involving swarm invaders.

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There’s also a neat ‘outliner’ menu at the side of the screen that helps you hop about space to where the drama is - but disabling some of its overlays was having the side effect of disabling it entirely.

All of that’s been fixed. And on the customisation front, the ship designer tool now sorts vessels according to size and allows transport ships to be edited.

Project lead Rikard Åslund reports that Stellaris' more major updates are progressing as hoped - a 1.1 patch, dubbed CLARKE, should appear in beta next week. How’re you finding Paradox’s first foray into 4X?

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monkeyfritz(10 days 15 hours played)
1 Year ago

I think it's important to note for people that Stellaris is really an RTS with all the features of a 4x. That's a pretty major distinction between the normal turn based civ clones, and would have been a selling point for me had I known it.

Thankfully it looked good enough I grabbed it on launch day, even expecting it to be turn based. Turns out to be easily the best RTS I have played in a long time, and the only 4x game to keep my attention for more than a couple campaigns in large part because of that.

Being championed only as a 4x game, could turn off people who aren't aware it plays in RTwP.