The Stomping Land video shows how to tame dinosaurs


While hunting dinosaurs may be the biggest draw of The Stomping Land, a game that finally allows us to assert our dominance over the scaly beasts, we’ll also be able to tame some of the smaller creatures, turning them to our own use.

The latest video of the Kickstarter project shows how to tame a gallimimus.

It’s easy to see how your own pet gallimimus could be of use, while also straying into the territory of flat out fun times. Hopefully some of the larger dinosaurs are available for taming, too. The ability to ride a tyrannosaurus rex into another tribes camp is quite the appealing prospect.

One aspect of the video that’s less positive is the UI. It looks horribly complex for simple tasks like shooting a rope arrow into a fish. I can see that it adds a level of depth to your actions that other games would struggle to match with simple UIs but, still, something needs to be done to simplify that mess of spider menus.

Alex Fundora has already managed to double his original goal of $20,000 with more than three weeks to go. At $75,000 Fundora wants to bring on more designers to flesh out The Stomping Land’s content. $175,000 will see artists brought on to add pretties to the game world. The final published goal, $200,000, will have Fundora implement Oculus Rift support to his dino game.

You can read our earlier write up for details of the game and, also, details on how to pledge.