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Strange Brigade is basically Left 4 Mummies


The people behind Sniper Elite 4 are making a quirky third-person adventure game in which you’ll hunt monsters in the dark corners of the 1930s British Empire.

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In Strange Brigade, you’ll play one of four dashing explorers, each with their own weapons, skills, and superhuman powers.

Teaming with up to three other players, you’ll discover forgotten civilisations and plunder their antiquities like true imperialists, while contending with a resurrected Egyptian witch queen and her army of mythological monsters.

Early screens show zombies and mummies (we’ve had a productive conversation in the office about the technical differences between the two), along with nastier-seeming threats and environmental traps. We’re thinking Left 4 Dead meets Indiana Jones.

This is the game that publishers/developers Rebellion have been teasing with this site, so you can stop wondering now. There’s no release date other than “coming soon,” but Strange Brigade will be playable at E3, so expect more details then.