Street Fighter 5 character list complete as FANG flies in


Street Fighter V’s initial roster is now complete, with new character F.A.N.G. debuting at this weekend’s Playstation Experience. Initially datamined as having a more complex model than his counterparts, rumours flew about the possibilities of extra-special hair or large sets of tentacles – it turns out he actually has a particularly flappy coat. Working for evil organisation Shadaloo, he poisons foes with his abilities for the added punch of frustration on top of his voice-over and slippery nature.

This is our Street Fighter 5 character list. We’ve gathered all the so-far revealed characters and put them alongside their trailer and all the official information. It’s your one-stop shop for everything you need to know leading towards SF5’s release date in 2016. Discuss who you’re hoping to get added, who you can do without and who you’ll be doing street-battle with in the comments below.

If you’re wondering, here’s a quick rundown of the terms used below:

  • V-Skillis a freely used ability that is activated by pressing medium punch and medium kick together. In general they are defensive or movement abilities for dodging fireballs.
  • V-Triggeruses the V-Gauge, which is built through taking damage (and often using V-Skill). If you’re familiar with Street Fighter 4, it’s taking the place of Ultras from that game, though more varied in their effect. It’s heavy kick and heavy punch together.
  • Critical Art is SF5’s term for what are colloquially known as Super Moves – high damage combos that are activated once a bar is filled. They’re flashy, but cost a lot of resources that could be used elsewhere. They have their own unique combinations.


V-Skill: Nishodoku – A slow-moving projectile that poisons the opponent if it hits, slowly dealing damage.
V-Trigger: Dokunomu – Surrounds F.A.N.G. with a cloud of poison that continuously deals damage to the opponent if they are nearby.
Critical Art:Flappy Bird (name writer’s own) – F.A.N.G. takes to the sky and flaps his arms wildly, dealing damage to anyone in the way and looking just ridiculous.

Probably Street Fighter’s oddest boss character ever and with all the personality, trickiness and frustrating voice over of El Fuerte, F.A.N.G.’s sure to find as many supporters as detractors. Those supporters are, naturally, wrong and evil and should be scourged but what can we do? His super, which hasn’t been officially detailed yet in case you couldn’t tell from the above, is very interesting, being the first one in the game that can be initiated in the air. Exactly how low to the ground you can execute it, what methods he has to combo in and how effective it is as an anti-air will determine just how good he is come February.


V-Skill: Yoga Float -Upon activation Dhalsim hops into the air and floats for a few seconds. During this time, all airborne attacks and specials are accessible. This can also be activated in the air.
Yoga Burner -Dhalsim shoots out a stream of flames that stays on the screen on the floor for an extended period of time. If the opponent stands in the flames, they will slowly lose life in the form of recoverable damage. Once they step out of the flames, their life will begin to recover.

Ben normally writes something insightful here, but I don’t know nearly as much about Street Fighter as he does, so all I’m going to do is talk about repeat what Capcom say about the yoga badass. – Fraser

“The return of Dhalsim in Street Fighter V marks the addition of the first true zoning character to join the initial roster. Using his long range limbs and slow projectiles to frustrate overly offensive opponents, Dhalsim’s style has historically been keep-away since his inception in Street Fighter II.”


V-Skill:Linear Movement – A dash that goes forwards or back depending on which way the stick is held. Alternately an overhead kick will come out if no direction is pushed.
V-Trigger:Spark Show – An alternate mode that improves her projectile, gives her attacks more stun damage and makes her V-Skill more effective.
Critical Art:Inazuma Spin Hold- A grab that goes into a cinematic lightning ball around the entire screen.

Another rush-down character focused on throws, Laura is also the first grappler in series history to have access to a fireball of sorts. I say that because hers moves very slowly, especially outside of V-Trigger, and is more useful for set-ups and the like than actual cross-screen damage. We don’t get a particularly good look at her normals or the different uses for her various throws in the trailer, but she’s playable at both Brasil Game Show and New York Comic-con this weekend, so there should be internet impressions out there soon.


V-Skill:Iron Muscle – Gives Zangief a hit of armour, making any damage taken regenerate, and allows him to move towards the enemy while in this state.
V-Trigger:Cyclone Lariant – Zangief spins his entire body at high velocity, pulling the enemy in or hitting them many times.
Critical Art:Bolshoi Russian Suplex – Based on footage, seems to be a single, high-power suplex intiatied via a close-range grab attack.

A series mainstay and one of its most famous characters, Zangief returns as another character that was in the Alpha series, as well as SF4 and 2. He’s massive, slow and can take a lot of hits – which he needs to be able to get in and utilise his various signature grabs to do big damage. While previously his Critical Art-style attack has been a series of spinning pile drivers, he looks to have been getting some lessons from Brock Lesnar and now will be taking opponents to Suplex City.


V-Skill: Meioken – A fireball parry and knock-down attack in one depending on what it connects with, this can also be charged to give it better hitboxes and timings.
V-Trigger:Kanzuki-Ryu Guren No Kata – Karin’s signature long strings of attacks, she is able to combo the first part into a huge number of possible followups.
Critical Art: Kanzuki-Ryu Hadorokushiki Hasha No Kata – A series of strikes that, if successful, end with a cinematic final hit for massive damage.

Karin made her debut in Street Fighter Alpha 3 as a rival to fellow school-goer Sakura and, other than a brief appearence in one of the side games, hasn’t been seen since. In popular character polls leading up to SF5’s announcement she came out on top in Japan as one people would like to see return. With her ‘rekka’-style attacks (the customisable strings) moved to her V-Trigger, it will be interesting to see what tools she has been given to make up for it.


V-Skill: Front Flip & Rolling Assault – A pair of abilities for closing the distance, one leaps through the air while the other rolls under projectiles. Pressing kick during either produces a unique move.
V-Trigger:Ysaar – A slow-moving whirlwind that alters Rashid’s momentum when he moves through it and damages enemies it touches.
Critical Art:Unknown – Based on footage, this seems to be a very close-range attack that immediately goes into a cinematic if it hits, dealing, as you might expect, massive damage.

Rashid was announced in Dubai and is Street Fighter’s first middle eastern character. His V-Trigger seems exceptionally strong, letting you lock down opponents and increase your movement options. Meanwhile his access to fighting game bogey-move the divekick – one that can attack from behind the opponent, no less – almost guarantees his place as a high tier character. Expect many an impressive combo video at the very least.

Rainbow Mika

V-Skill: Mic Performance – Mika pulls out a microphone for a full-on wrestling promo. It gives her a hit of armour for absorbing projectiles and turns into one itself when she finishes. The longer she speaks, the stronger her next throw gets.
V-Trigger:Nadeshiko – Mika calls in her tag-team partner for a single strike, which can be customised in direction. Good for set-ups, combo extenders and poking all in one.
Critical Art:Badly Peach – A grab that does massive damage where Mika and Nadeshiko team-up to give the opponent an ultimate beat-down.

Another return from the Alpha days and a greatly popular addition to the cast, Mika looks extremely powerful. Her grabs do huge damage (and look incredible – check that Stone Cold Stunner), her mix-up potential with V-Trigger is very real and her odd set of normal moves seem to cover a wide-range of possibilities once mastered. If she could just take some advice about dressing up warm from Karin, we’d be gravy. A personal early favourite.


V-Skill:Matador Turn – A quick dodge that can be followed up with a knock-down attack. Useful for getting out of the way of projectiles, but also for tricksy moves up close.
V-Trigger:Bloody Kiss – Vega throws a rose at the opponent which, if it connects, allows him to teleport and do a series of quick, damaging strikes. Works mid-combo or as an anti-air.
Critical Art:Bloody Rain – A flying knee that combos into a full animation if it connects. Works on opponents in a variety of states, from just forgetting to block to already airborne or mid-combo.

One of just a few classic Street Fighter 2 characters making their way into SF5, Vega’s in a very different state to his previous iterations. Rather than just a punishment after taking too many hits, he can choose to remove his claw to enter a different stance. Knowing when to switch and the possibilities at your command when you do will be vital to mastering one of Street Fighter’s more violent combatents.


V-Skill:Culminated Power – A ground-pound that produces an explosion at a variable distance from Necalli, controlled by the stick. Rather than being an anti-fireball move like many V-Skills, this operates as Necalli’s projectile.
V-Trigger:Torrent of Power – Activates a secondary mode that completely changes all of Necalli’s moves, including his specials and Critical Art. Takes a long time to charge.
Critical Art: Ceremony of Honor – A very quick moving melee attack that moves Necalli across the screen. Invincible to projectiles during it, it’s great for punishing thoughtless moves on the opponent’s part.

Another of the brand new characters in Street Fighter 5, Necalli’s big, mean and powerful. Inspired by Aztec imagery and culture, he’s about going in and just ripping people to shreds. His V-Trigger is one of the most interesting in the game, turning him into a true juggernaut of damage output and combos but he’ll be low on health by the time he can use it in each round.


V-Skill:Quick Step – A fast move that closes on the opponent and can end in a variety of attacks. Best for punishing whiffs and surprising opponenets.
V-Trigger:Heat Rush – Powers up all of Ken’s special moves with additional hits, damage and improved start-up and recovery. Has a very odd start-up that leaves you vulnerable for a long time.
Critical Art:Guren Enjinkyaku – A series of kicks that go cinematic if they collide, reaching a lot of damage. Doesn’t appear to anti-air, so will be mostly be useful as a combo ender or quick punish.

A Street Fighter classic and one of three characters we doubt the game would have made it out the gate without, Ken’s had a makeover and a bit of a design change since his Street Fighter 4 days. He’s all about the combos now and looks very effective and like a total monster in the hands of the experienced. Heat Rush redoubles this, but has a start-up animation of running forward for a second, making it tricky to use without getting punished.


V-Skill:Break Time – A three-in-one ability that works as a projectile, a knockdown or a meter-builder depending on which way the stick is moved.
V-Trigger:Enjoy Time – Chowing down on the chillis, Birdie powers up all his special moves by giving them further movement and armour. Makes him effectively unstoppable for a short period.
Critical Art:Skip To My Chain – Throwing out his signature headbutt, if it connects Birdie grabs the opponent in his chains and slams them repeatedly into the ground. Has extremely high damage and is relatively simple to combo into.

Birdie also returns from the Alpha series, though completely redesigned. He’s let himself go a bit, weight-wise, and is currently top spot for SF5’s comedy character. Don’t let that fool you though, his damage in early tests and the beta has been ludicrously high and while he’s difficult to get going with, when he hits you, you’ll know about it.


V-Skill:Axel Spin Knuckle – A dodging move that ends in an attack, letting Cammy effectively go ‘through’ fireballs. If you’re standing close to the opponent, will attack from the other side.
V-Trigger:Delta Drive – An alternate mode that causes many of Cammy’s moves to do additional hits and move quicker, interacting with opponents in a different way.
Critical Art:Cross Stinger Assault – Attacking from the air, Cammy performs a downward strike that will hit players who are crouching or anyone not blocking. After that it’s a cinematic all the way, doing good damage.

A Street Fighter classic but not one that would have been first on my list of possible inclusions, Cammy’s actually been redesigned since her debut. Due to complaints from Japanese fans, her face and general look have been changed. She maintains much of her moves from previous games, based heavily around kicks and mix-ups to confuse opponents.

M. Bison

V-Skill:Psycho Reflect – Allows Bison to absorb projectiles, gaining V-gauge when he does so. If the buttons continue to be held, it will also fire back a Psycho Shot.
V-Trigger:Psycho Power – An alternate mode that makes Bison teleport whenever he would normally move quickly. This includes during his dash and various special moves, making them projective invulnerable and difficult to predict.
Critical Art:Ultimate Psycho Crusher – An AoE around Bison that does multiple hits. If any connect the opponent is lifted into the air and hit with a much stronger move.

One of Street Fighter’s original bosses, Bison is past his prime in age (sporting a fetching white stripe of hair) but has only grown in abilities related to his Psycho Drive. His combo potential is through the roof versus his Street Fighter 4 incarnation, though many of his key normal moves – especially the incredibly long range heavy kick – have been gutted.


V-Skill:Bullet Clear – Grabs projectiles out of the air. Can also hurt opponents if you’re standing close enough, though you’ll probably want to be throwing out normals instead.
V-Trigger:Sonic Move – A series of teleports that are chosen between with stick commands. Nash can appear anywhere near the opponent and immediately strike.
Critical Art:Judgement Saber – A dash-through attack that lands on the opposite side if it misses. Otherwise it goes into a high-damage cinematic that’s as brutal as it is damaging.

Known as Charlie in the Alpha games, he played very similar to series classic Guile. He’s been totally redesigned here though. He’s now some sort of semi-cyborg killing machine with a gem implanted in his head and utilises a lot of teleportation in this moveset. There’s a lovely feeling of impact on many of his moves and the anti-air head-grab is an all-time great.


V-Skill:Rankyaku – A special jump that is lower and at a different angle to the normal one. Operates otherwise normally, allowing Chun-Li to attack during.
V-Trigger:Renkiko – An alternate mode where Chun-Li’s attacks with hit more times than usual. This only applies to medium and heavy attacks, which hit once and twice more respectively.
Critical Art:Houyoku Sen – The classic ‘kick super’ featured in the most famous e-sports moment of all time, Chun-Li unleashes a series of kicks with a cinematic finisher if it manages to connect.

A Street Fighter stalwart and one of the few to feature in at least one iteration of every main-series game since Street Fighter 2, it just wouldn’t be SF without ol’ lightning legs. One of the more underpowered characters in early versions of the game, we’ll have to wait for release to see if she reaches 3rd Strike glory or continues to wallow in her current SF4 mediocrity.


V-Skill:Mind’s Eye – A parrying move that can be used on any type of attack. It’s near-identical to the parry from the 3rd Strike series, other than the button combination to pull it off and Ryu being the only one with access.
V-Trigger:Denjin Renki -An alternate mode which powers up Ryu’s signature fireballs. They can now be charged for extra damage and guard-breaking potential. His Shoryuken also receives a massive damage boost.
Critical Art:Shinku Hadoken – A super-powered Hadoken that hits many times and does extreme damage. Has its damage even further improved by V-Trigger.

Street Fighter’s main character, the hero of the piece and only just a tiny bit boring, Ryu of course returns for the next game. He’s got his uppercuts, he’s got his fireballs and, if I’m being honest, he does look pretty rad. If you’re new to fighting games, Ryu’s probably where you should start – nobody teaches you the basics better.