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Capcom are cracking down on the Street Fighter V modding scene

Street Fighter V

Capcom is cracking down on paid mods in Street Fighter V, according to two modders who received takedown notices from the company last week.

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Brutal Ace and Khaledantar666 are both Street Fighter modders who used Patreon accounts to help distribute their skins, and have both received notice from Capcom requiring them to stop charging for their mods. Brutal Ace claims to have only ever offered early access to his otherwise free mods via the site, whereas users have claimed that Khaledantar666 charged up to $50 for some of their mods. Since modding involves the use of copyrighted material it’s illegal to charge people for them.

Both modders have also regularly added other franchises to their mods, with Brutal Ace giving Chun-Li a Wonder Woman re-skin and Khaledantar666 giving Cammy a costume based on 2B from Nier:Automata. Both were more famed, however, for their more risque creations, which offered mods with enhanced jiggling, as well as nude and bikini-clad mods.

Khaledantar666’s Patreon page has been deleted, but in his final post claimed that all services that had been paid for would still be provided via email. Both modders say they will continue to post mods for free, although Khaledantar666 has added links to his Paypal to his DeviantArt page.