DLC character Juri heads to Street Fighter V, along with more summer costumes, next week


Street Fighter 5’s next DLC character, Juri, will arrive in the game on July 26. Juri has been playable in the recently-released Story mode until now, but you’ll be able to use her in multiplayer scraps and more next week. 

Fighters are quite tactical, but probably not as much as our list of PC’s best strategy games.

“Introduced in Super Street Fighter IV, Juri is a provocative S.I.N. agent from South Korea who goes by the codename of “Spider” and worked under Seth,” says the character’s description on the Capcom blog.

“Juri is a sadistic fighter who enjoys violence and loves tormenting her prey, with a tendency to get involved in anything she deems as fun or dangerous. Fueled by hatred of Shadaloo and M.Bison for the murder of her parents, Juri joined S.I.N. to seek revenge and doesn’t care who she has to annihilate to achieve her goals.”

Using Taekwondo, Juri is all about the fast and flashy kicks. She also has a range of ki-based attacks and a ki booster equipped in her left eye. For a full breakdown of her moves and capabilities, hit up that Capcom blog link.

It’s been really hot this past week where I live, and apparently it’s hot in Street Fighter land, as there are three summer costumes releasing at the same time. Great stuff if you were worried that the cast wore too many clothes.

The three outfits, as you may have guessed, are all for the game’s women.Cammy, Laura, and Ibuki will be getting the brighter coloured and breezier garments, all purchasable for $3.99 each, on July 26.