Street Fighter V matchmaking issues fixed, arcade stick support in the works

Street Fighter V launch issues

Street Fighter V is now in the wild, and as you’d expect from a game with heavy focus on online competitive modes, there’s been a few teething troubles. Capcom have been at work addressing the issues as fast as they can though, and several issues with online elements have now been resolved, including matchmaking problems. 

Street Fighter V’s launch has been incredibly buggy, but hopefully it’s just release-week chaos and not a long-term problem. 

Capcom report on the Steam Community that a server-side fix has been applied to iron out the causes of matchmaking problems. Also fixed server-side are some issues with intermittent login and connectivity issues. Capcom are also aware of a small number of corrupt Fighter IDs, and are working on a fix.

If you’ve been having issues with the game crashing or failing to boot up, Capcom have discovered that some anti-virus software is interfering with the game and generating false-positive virus results with the .exe file. If you’re having this problem, adding StreetFighterV.exe to your exclusion list should prevent the issue. If this doesn’t help, reporting your bug at the Steam Bug Reporting thread will help Capcom in their search for a fix.

Arcade sticks are the big ask from the PC community right now, as many people have DirectInput PS3 or PS4 controllers that they’d like to use. Capcom are looking to include DirectInput support in a future patch, but suggest using XInput remapping tools such as X360CE in the meantime.

Future updates will also expand the key re-binding options, in-game languages, and a better selection process for resolution, which currently requires you to cycle and re-size your screen at every resolution in the list until finding the correct one for your monitor.

Are these the fixes you need to make Street Fighter V work for you? Or have you found other problems that Capcom have yet to pick up on yet?