Urien and Juri mod makes unreleased Street Fighter V characters playable in offline modes

Urien and Juri mod

Well, that didn’t take long. Street Fighter V’s story mode has been out for just a few hours, and in it are a pair of fights for Juri and Urien, this year’s DLC characters that are yet to be released. This means there are playable versions of them in the files and enterprising modders have quickly dug that out and created versions anyone can download to get both working in training and local versus modes.

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Downloads are available on Reddit, via user rrkappasvoice on the SFV mods subreddit. To install it’s a fairly simple process of dropping the file into the SFV mods folder on your hard drive. You can only have one of Juri and Urien active at once.

The mods are imperfect, with the versions of the characters they port in being slightly bugged. Details are available on Reddit, but they’re still useful for getting a preview of the next few months. In fact, various streamers have already been playing around with both. Most notably for Urien, high level player LIJoe has already had a highlight video made:

He’s still streaming over on Twitch, with some additional Balrog footage on the side. For Juri, there’s this video:

When exactly these characters will be released hasn’t been announced. July was originally planned as a month off for additional characters, but plans have clearly changed given the ‘June update’ has come out on July 1. Chances are, the intention is for Juri to hit at the end of August, and Urien to arrive a month after that.

In the mean time, Balrog and Ibuki are now available for play by everyone, as is the story mode. A final trailer was released last night for it:

To get access to it, head to Steam and load up the DLC tab, then click to install it. Make sure you’ve patched SFV too.