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Watch the first live game of Street Fighter V at the Capcom Cup

Street Fighter V

Since Capcom announced Street Fighter V’s existence, the game has been making waves throughout the community. It marks the franchise’s first foray into the next gen consoles, while also coming to PC; where it will feature cross play functionality with its PS4 brethren.

At the Capcom Cup late last night, where the best fighters from across the globe duked it out, Capcom also debuted the very first live match inside the new game on stage. We’ve got the video of the match below, so if you’re interested to see what’s new in the sequel – or just who wins – you should check it out.

There’s some noticeable difference right off the bat. Ignoring the obvious graphical facelift, the EX and Ultra Combo has been slightly altered.

Your EX bars appear to have a variable maximum, depending on what Ultra Combo you select for your character. It also seems to not be used for single, more powerful versions of attacks. Instead, it rather it empowers your character for a duration depending on how many bars are spent, and any attacks made during the buff are empowered versions.

The Ultra Combo meter has been moved to the top, below the health bars, and is now called “Revenge”. It seems to work in pretty much the same way – two bars that are filled up by taking damage, and can be expended at one or two for powerful combo attacks to even up the playing field.

One other neat tweak is to the games stages – they’re much more detailed and interactable now. Players can punch each other through the sides of the stage and into new areas; sometimes they’ll even interact with some props directly, such as Chun-Li having the noodle bowl fall on her face after being KO’d into the kitchen. The effects even persist between rounds.

What do you think of Street Fighter V’s debut match?