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Bullet hell and tower defense combine in new free Steam game

Strong Fortress, a sci fi tower defense game with shades of Into the Breach, Starcraft, and Defense Grid: The Awakening, has launched a free prologue.

Bullet hell and tower defense combine in new free Steam game: A woman with purple hair, surrounded by science fiction gadgets, from Strong Fortress: Prologue.

Tower defense games used to be huge. For years, the strategy genre was dominated by the launch of massive hits like Kingdom Rush and Plants vs Zombies as well as PC centered projects such as Defense Grid: The Awakening, Sanctum 2, and the Orcs Must Die! series. While some of the fervor surrounding this genre has died down over the years, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of ways for it to return with fresh new ideas. A good example of this is Strong Fortress, an indie game that combines tower defense with Vampire Survivors style bullet hell combat and has just launched an entirely free ‘Prologue’ on Steam.

Strong Fortress is a spin on the tower defense game that puts players in the role of a mech pilot trying to keep a sci fi fortress safe from alien attack. To do so, the pilot needs to collect resources and build out their base while shooting down waves of enemies. Each of the buildings they make helps the mech by providing extra defense, attack power, resources, and abilities.

Strong Fortress: Prologue, the free introduction to the game on Steam now, includes two chapters and 16 buildings to construct, offering a taste of the larger version set to come out soon. The full Strong Fortress, per its Steam description, promises six chapters with five levels within each, 78 buildings, “elaborate boss battles” and “mini-games that unlock surrounding technology.”

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Strong Fortress: Prologue is free to play on Steam. Grab a copy right here.

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