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GOG are giving away Stronghold HD with a bizarre gender war adventure game

stronghold hd ad 2044 free

GOG have put together a weird pair of freebies for you to enjoy, packaging the strategy classic Stronghold together with an altogether bizarre adventure game you’ve probably never heard of before. Why put this disparate pair together? Who knows! But they’re free to claim for the next two days.

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Stronghold scarcely needs an introduction. It’s a little bit city builder, a little bit RTS, and the combination has made it a beloved classic since its release in 2001. This edition includes both the original and the up-rezzed Stronghold HD, both of which provide 21 missions worth of delightful medieval building.

Then there’s A.D. 2044. A post-Myst adventure game filled with awkward CG, it casts you as the last “normal” man on Earth, fighting a war against an all-female civilization with man-destroying lasers and gender-bending clinics creating “she clones.” That’s about as flat a descriptive summary as I can put on it. The game also includes a pair of Polish adventures called Sołtys and Skaut Kwatermaster, but as an English-speaker I can’t really tell you if these feature the same sorts of sketchy social commentary.

If you’re interested in one of these titles, you can grab them both on GOG right now.