Sublevel Zero is a modern take on Descent and releases on October 8 | PCGamesN

Sublevel Zero is a modern take on Descent and releases on October 8


Sublevel Zero is a shooter with six degrees of freedom that's clearly inspired by PC classic Descent. It seems like it was developed as a modern homage to Descent, at least, with Sublevel Zero providing a few twists of its own.

It takes the same cockpit view and sees you descending (wink, wink) inside a vast underground facility to loot and craft stuff from lost alien technology. You wouldn't hear the words "loot" and "craft" back when Descent was released, mind. It's also a roguelike, so there's a few modern trends ticked off in a neat little row. 

I quite like the look of its chunky, simplified visual style. It's nice and bright and the feedback from shooting seems lovely and punchy. Have a look at the trailer:

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I like the idea of this type of game having permadeath, too. Presumably you'll feel the need to make every shot count, and you'll have to adapt to the procedurally generated levels on-the-fly. There's another modern trend ticked off.

It also has full Oculus Rift and flight stick support. Tick, tick.

You can pick it up on Steam when it releases on October 8. 


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Recluse avatarAnakhoresis avatar
Recluse Avatar
2 Years ago

Man I dunno it's just not doing it for me. I think it's the chunky style, I'll hold out tell I play it.

Anakhoresis Avatar
2 Years ago

Same here. Not really digging the chunky style. Maybe there'll be a demo...