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Subnautica: Below Zero’s new leviathan can terrorise the surface, too

Just when you thought it was safe to go back onto the surface

Subnautica is not a horror game, but it has its own infrequent moments of terror – mostly when you first hit the darker depths of the sea and start encountering unimaginably massive leviathan-class monsters. Now we’ve got a whole new sort of terror to contend with in Below Zero – one that’s not limited to the depths, either.

The Ice Worm Update, as the name implies, brings a new leviathan-class creature called the ice worm to Below Zero. It’s a burrower that spends most of its time underground, but can explosively pop its horned head out from the ice and snow to ruin your day. As if underwater terror wasn’t enough, now land isn’t safe, either.

This update brings more than its namesake, though, as you’ll also find two new biomes. One is the arctic spires where the ice worm lives – a series of frozen cliff plateaus housing new discoveries. There’s also the lilypad islands, which will offer small bits of green land on the surface and a maze of stalks underwater.

You’ll also find an improved opening and mid-game story with new dialogue. The new stuff is text-only for now, but will get voiceover in a future update.

You can see a tease of all the new stuff in the trailer above, or you can get more details on the official site.

Subnautica: Below Zero entered early access earlier this year across Steam, the Epic store, and Discord, so expect plenty more similar updates as the game swims toward the shores of its full release.