Subnautica dev fired over a series of insensitive tweets

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Subnautica’s sound designer Simon Chylinski has been fired following fan anger over a series of insensitive tweets made on his Twitter account.

Did you know a Subnautica player accidentally ate someone’s pets?

Chylinski announced on Twitter that he had been fired, with developers Unknown Worlds confirming to Kotaku his dismissal was over “hateful statements” made online that are “against company values.”

Last weekend, Subnautica fans unearthed various gender-related and racially insensitive tweets made by Chylinski. The discovery was made following the re emergence of a poll created by game director Charlie Cleveland which asked whether players would prefer the developers to improve the core game or make it possible to play as a woman. “We need a ‘diversity’ slider in the options,” responded Chylinski. “It will make the character progessively darker more feminine and less sexy.”

The poll was subsequently deleted and Cleveland apologised for his “terribly-worded tweet” but fans decided to look further into sound designer Chylinski’s Twitter history and found statements such as “importing random ppl from the 3rd world is also importing 3rd world crime tiers and IQ”; and, “street poo and rigid cast system in india didn’t come from west. Their space program did tho.”

Chylinski’s dismissal has had a mixed reaction from fans, with some feeling it was unfair to fire him over his political views. There’s no denying Subnautica’s haunting, techno soundtrack is a work of art, so it’s no surprise some fans are disappointed by Unknown World’s decision.