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Summer Games Done Quick 2017 is over, having raised over $1.7 million for charity

Games DOne Quick

After a week of speedruns, Summer Games Done Quick 2017 is now over. We know, it’s sad. But, it did manage to set a record: SGDQ 2017 raised more money for charity than any other SGDQ event, ever! Together, donations totalled a whopping $1,760,400 as the event ended. 

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This event was for Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières), a charity focused on providing medical support in countries affected by war or disease. Last year’s SGDQ raised $1,294,139.50 according to a graph made over on Reddit by kebab4you, meaning this year broke that by almost $400,000.

The individual runs are being uploaded to YouTube, on the official Games Done Quick channel, and you can watch VODs over on their Twitch channel too.

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