Sunless Sea devs take to space for next game Sunless Skies

sunless skies

Failbetter Games have revealed their next game, Sunless Skies, bringing the literary brand of roleplaying survival above the clouds after a Kickstarter next year.

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The game will feature many of the same themes as its nautical exploration predecessor, set in a world ruled by the Victorian Empire in a harsh and unforgiving environment, this time expanding from the ocean to the void of space.

The Empress has abandoned London, leading an exodus into the High Wilderness (a lovely name for the inky darkness above) to carve out a new British Empire. You, however, will play an outcast, tired of the authoritarian governance of imperialism and making your own way out there on the fringes.

Inspired by the science fiction of HG Wells and CS Lewis, as well as the hyper-gore horror film classic Event Horizon, the game aims to expand on everything that made Sunless Sea a hit with RPG lovers.

The game will enter Early Access at some point after a Kickstarter drive in February 2017, and work will still continue on Sunless Sea’s expansion Zubmariner due for release on October 11.

Zubmariner itself got a launch trailer, too, premiering at the announcement on stage at EGX, which you can see below as soon as that’s available online.