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This Sunset trailer teases Tale of Tales’ game about a city on fire

sunset trailer kickstarter tale of tales

Nothing about Tale of Tales’ Sunset is normal: you play a cleaner working in South American penthouse as the city around it burns in the fire of revolution. You influence events through your relationship with the owner of the swanky apartment, Gabriel Ortega.

See something of what to expect in the teaser trailer.

Set in the 1970s in a fictional South American city, you play housekeeper Angela Burnes as she goes about her daily chores, cleaning Gabriel Ortega’s apartment. Each night you return to the apartment and how you act there will affect Ortega and how you affect Ortega will affect events in the city.

You can rummage through Ortega’s things to learn more about him, change things around in his building to flirt with him or antagonise him, or unsettle him. Ortega will respond in notes left around the flat. What you learn you can pass onto the rebels trying to overthrow dictator Generalísimo Ricardo Miraflores or keep to yourself.

Tale of Tales promise Sunset will tell a subtle story, one which pulls on ideologies of the seventies – feminism and black power, for instance.

Sunset’s already run a successful Kickstarter campaign and Tale of Tales plan to have it out and ready to play before the end of Spring.