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Super Dungeon Bros. becomes Super Dungeon People with Broettes added for free on day one


Irreverent, loot-focused and rock-inspired Super Dungeon Bros. arrives with oversized sword and punk helmets on November 1. Today, developers React Games have announced a launch one free download will include four new characters to allow for more choice. The Broettes, armoured dresses, shutter shades and all, will be available right alongside their brethren.

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Officially titled the Broettes Character Pack, it features the excellently named Patti, Nyx, Lia and Jett, who you can see in all their glory above. Leo Zullo, of publishers Wired Productions, says that they are “influenced by some of the most well-known rockers of all time” and have “their own unique design and in game banter system.” They’ll also come with their own set of cosmetic helmets.

Presumably, in play they’ll be just as actively murderous and loot-hungry as anyone else, climbing atop each other in acts of wanton monster destruction. You’ll be able to get it on Steam come Tuesday.