Super Mario 64 co-op arrives via ROM hack


The Nintendo tag is dramatically underused here at PCGamesN, and with good reason. PC gamers haven’t seen eye to eye with Mario since he came over here and took our jumps. I mean, since he bob-ombed our Steam engines. Erm. Sorry, what was it he did to earn our ire again?

Anyway – co-op Mario 64 is a thing only playable via a ROM on a PC and therefore a PC game. And it looks amaze.

There’s no split screen, but modder Skelux has managed to hack the camera so that it pushes and pulls accordingly to fit two Marios. Online play is made possible by Kaillera, the emulator plug-in.

We don’t talk about ROMs much round these parts. Should we? Let us know your favourite console-gaming-via-PC memories.