Dating coach issues false DMCA because YouTuber dissed his game

Super Seducer

The game Super Seducer gained some notoriety recently after the YouTuber Dunkey made a video playing the game. Super Seducer is an upcoming FMV game from Richard La Ruina, a pick up artist, and his team, which aims to help men get dates and meet women. Now, a separate YouTuber has got in an argument with La Ruina, and claims La Ruina DMCA claimed a video of his following a series of tweets.

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The YouTuber in question is IAmPattyJack, who made a video about Super Seducer called Super Seducer Is The Worst Game Ever, as a part of a running series. Following a back and forth over Twitter and in IAmPattyJack’s YouTube comments, a DMCA claim was filed against IAmPattyJack’s video, and the video is, as of writing, still unavailable.

In a YouTube video, which can be seen above, IAmPattyJack shows a number of tweets from himself and La Ruina, which culminate in an apology from the La Ruina team for the takedown request and a series of direct messages from La Ruina saying “I said I wouldn’t DMCA, you told me I wouldn’t do it because I am a pussy.” He then said he submitted the DMCA claim.

In the apology email, the Richard La Ruina team have offered to “pay for any and all demonetization” that IAmPattyJack has seen as a result of the takedown request,and have stated that they are “firm believers in free speech,” that they “encourage any and all criticisms of the game, with no limitations whatsoever.”

The Steam page for Super Seducer, which comes out March 6, states “We hereby grant full and unqualified permission to create and monetize videos and streams of Super Seducer, including those that are critical of the game and/or its creator, without any exceptions nor restrictions.”

We reached out to La Ruina and the Super Seducer team, and he had responded with the following comment.

“Someone who worked for me filed the claim. We retracted it within hours and it’s now with YouTube. The reason for the takedown request was that IAmPattyJack goaded me on Twitter. It was childish and obviously not the correct thing to do. This is not a policy that we have or will apply to any other videos. We hope that YouTube will reinstate IAmPattyJack’s video very soon.”