Supergiant Games are close to “content lock” with Transistor; “these days we’re zeroing in”


At the back end of 2013, Supergiant Games had reported that Transistor – their new action RPG – was in an alpha stage. Fast forward to the present and it’s getting closer to that all important “content lock” status: where the game is “near shipping quality”.

Greg Kasavin, writer and designer of Transistor, stepped up to share exactly what “content lock” means.

“Content lock means the game is near shipping quality. Like alpha, this can be a moving target. Placeholder assets are gone, and every aspect of the game from the tuning to the timing of the voiceover to runtime performance are getting locked down.” said Kasavin. “The caveats are removed. There’s a big emphasis on testing and refining. After content lock, it’s down to critical fixes or key surgical improvements.”

Sounds promising, but when can we expect to hear anymore?

“As soon as we’re ready” according to Greg. For now though you can follow the team on Twitter for the latest.