Superhot VR has made more money than the original

The VR version of Superhot is so popular it has apparently made more revenue than the original game.

Superhot is a game that seems tailor-made for VR. It’s a first-person shooter with the neat twist that the game world only moves when you do. If you stay still, everything freezes – including bullets – allowing you to choose your next move carefully. If you make any action, the game starts moving again. It’s like the best scenes in The Matrix, or Max Payne’s Bullet Time spread over an entire game.

Superhot VR came out in July 2017, a year after the original game, and is available on PC via Oculus Rift, VIVE, and on PS4 with PlayStation VR. Now, according to the game’s publisher, the VR version has apparently sold over 800,000 copies across all platforms – and has actually generated more revenue than the original Superhot title has.

This does not necessarily mean that Superhot VR has sold more actual copies than the original game. According to SteamSpy, the original Superhot is owned by between 1-2 million users on Steam alone – and it’s also available on both Xbox One and PS4.

However, whether thanks to sales, bundles, or the fact that a large chunk of that player count comes from Kickstarter backers, Superhot VR has apparently made more money than Superhot classic. This is according to Callum Underwood, who works at the game’s publisher Raw Fury.

Returning once again to SteamSpy, apparently Superhot VR has only sold between 100,000-200,000 units on Steam – so the majority of owners seem to be using PlayStation VR. Regardless, it’s always good to hear that an excellent indie game has done well.

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There hasn’t been any news on a sequel to Superhot, even of the VR variety – although, the last we heard, Japanese developer GameTomo was creating a Japan-set version of the game. We haven’t heard anything on this project for over a year, so apparently we need to start moving more.