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PortalHot mod is fun with portals and Superhot-style time manipulation


The creators of Superhot are currently running a modding competition that proves the versatility of their core concept: time only moves when you do. One of the entrants, as you can see in the video above, combines Superhot’s riff on bullet-time with Portal.

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Portal gun in hand, the mod faces players off against an army of turrets, forcing them to topple them over, toss them aside, send them flying through the floor – which is also now the ceiling – and pop up somewhere unexpected to do it all again.

“So, how does one turn a non-violent FPP (first person perspective) puzzle-adventure game into something reminiscent of an ultrafast semi-tactical FPS with high-stakes gameplay?” asks WhyNott, the mod’s creator.

“It’s not all that difficult, really! Portal’s lack of violence really depends on your point of view. Enemies are definitely not a problem here. Sentry turrets are more than capable at filling that role, and if you’re bored with bullets you also have other options.”

The #MAKEITSUPERHOT competition ends at 12am UTC on February 26, 2017, and will be judged by ModDB, Superhot Team, and IMGN.PRO. Each entrant receives a Steam key for Superhot.

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