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Superhot adds new abilities in roguelike expansion, coming to Early Access tomorrow


Superhot (super, hot) is getting a standalone expansion with a roguelike twist. It’s called Mind Control Delete and will be free for current owners of the game. It’s still “a good 9-12 months away from a full release,” say the devs, but Steam Early Access starts tomorrow.

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Mind Control Delete will throw you into a dozens of increasingly difficult gameplay challenges, and naturally the same player-responsive time mechanic that made the base game so compelling will remain.

Plenty of new features will be added to the mix, however, including new weapons, enemy types, and gameplay abilities. These can be accessed via an unlock system and a power-up store, and there are even new playable characters.

It all sounds quite exciting; the original Superhot (super; hot) was brilliant but a little thin, in my view, so new features to flesh it out and show off its ingenious core mechanic in new ways are exactly what’s needed. The very earliest new additions – two playable MINDS with unique abilities and modifiers, plus a roguelike game loop – will be in the Early Access build. Plenty more will be left for future updates, so check back later if you’d rather play something with a little more polish.

You can learn more atthe Early Access page.