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PowerWash Simulator meets Two Point Campus in new Steam game

Supermarket Simulator is blowing up on Steam thanks to its combination of shopping and management simulation genres.

Powerwash Simulator meets Two Point Campus in new Steam game: Grocery items being unloaded on shelves from Supermarket Simulator.

Somehow, though there’s a simulator game for just about any topic you can imagine, it’s only just now that one recreating the experience of running a supermarket has come out. After years of contenting ourselves with simulators like Kerbal Space Program, Powerwash Simulator and management games like Two Point Campus or Planet Coaster, we now have the very straightforwardly named Supermarket Simulator out on Steam Early Access, which has attracted plenty of attention in the week since its launch.

Supermarket Simulator is a management game that tasks players with tending to every job that goes into running a grocery store. To get the business operating smoothly, the game requires planning out not just the aisle and display placement but also working the cash register, ordering and stocking groceries, managing the prices of the items on sale, and, if all goes well, enlarging the store and its services.

This premise seems to be enticing enough to draw an audience. Since it came out a week ago, on February 20, Supermarket Simulator has managed to reach a 24 hour player peak of 14, 558 users, growing substantially every day.

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Part of its success might be attributed to the fact that its Early Access version already includes most of the features that will be expanded upon and refined before its finished version’s launch. It’s also available for 20% off (or $10.39 USD) right now, which has probably helped garner interest, too. You can buy a copy on Steam right here.

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