Supreme Ruler gets a free ‘Trump Rising’ DLC tomorrow to celebrate our impending doom

Supreme Ruler

Supreme Ruler, a strategy game where you “re-live or re-imagine the tensions and crises of our recent history”, is looking to the future for the latest disaster, releasing a free DLC that charts the downfall of mankind after Donald Trump becomes the President of the United States.

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In the DLC, Trump Rising, you can take control of the sentient satsuma himself, build a wall over Mexico and promote racial tension across the world, or you can give him a right good peeling as another nation.

“Within the United States, civil unrest fueled by racial tensions reaches even higher than in the 1960s,” says the official blurb. “To China and Russia, the new US President seems so unpredictable and reckless that it seems logical to make a pre-emptive strike rather than wait for him to have a ‘bad hair day’ and launch a strike against them.

“In Western Europe, leaders are shaken by their new reality and realise they may have to make concessions to Russia now that America can no longer be relied upon. The European Union itself is in disarray as the UK prepares to leave and forge its own relationships. In Mexico, and even in Canada, militaries are brought to an unprecedented level of readiness over concern of Trump’s ambitions.”

You’ll need Supreme Ruler to play it.