Twitch chat logs are heading to recorded videos on the streaming service via Chat Replay


No more will you be left wondering what point the Twitch chat deteriorated into a pit of despair, because over the next few weeks Twitch are rolling out Chat Replay, adding a log of the Twitch chat to recorded streams.

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Starting today, Twitch will begin capturing chat messages from live streams, preserving humanity’s worst in text form and adding them to archived videos over the coming weeks.

Luckily for everyone with eyes,Chat Replay also comes with moderation features built directly into the interface.

“Messages deleted due to user time-outs or bans during a live stream will not appear in Chat Replay, but, since channel moderators can’t always catch everything when it happens, anyone with permission to moderate a particular channel will also be able to delete individual chat messages from that channel’s recorded videos,” says the official Twitch announcement.